Many people/businesses worry that working with an attorney is simply going to cost them too much because legal assistance can indeed be costly.

Worry no more.

By partnering with us you will generally pay a monthly fee for legal advice and assistance that is needed. This means that you will not be paying an hourly fee, and you will not be charged every single time you pick up the phone to call an attorney.

It also means your business is able to determine legal expenses more accurately. You know how much you have to spend on the retainer fee each month with a huge advantage of never being blindsided by a large and unexpected legal expense.

With the provision of immediate legal advice, you will not have to worry about setting up an appointment and receiving an answer in a week or two. The help you need is just a phone call or e-mail away.



Making a decision without the advice of an attorney, and it turns out to be a wrong one, could potentially destroy your company and give your business a bad image. When you have an attorney, our law firm, on retainer it means you will not have to search for someone new who can help when a problem arises. We will always be there for you. This allows for the building of a better working relationship with us and we will be quick to mitigate any potential issues.


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